Stop Wondering – Distribution managers are too often faced with the question “why don’t I have
enough of my plastics?” Loss of your returnable containers is due to several factors including
misplacement, mismanagement, or even theft. Make sure you hold your drivers accountable for each
reusable plastic container that goes out the door.

Communication is Key – Active relationship management with your customers is vital to knowing where
your property is. By regularly communicating with the retailers and restaurants your drivers deliver to,
you can get a better sense of where the biggest losses are occurring. Additionally, it may be worth
contacting your sales team to do the same. A check-in every few months can go a long way.

Report, Report, Report – In the case of theft, no solution can be found by keeping quiet. Ask your drivers
to keep details of suspected thefts and be sure to file a police report. Without knowledge of the extent
of the problem, law enforcement and prosecuting officials will not know what to look for.

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