Law Enforcement

Organized Crime – While catching a truck transporting stolen plastics may seem insignificant, tray and
crate theft operations are an extremely organized and lucrative. Often, these plastics will be brought to
illegal recyclers who will grind down the plastics and sell the pellets for a profit – often back to China
and other foreign manufacturers. These operations frequently fall afoul of RICO statutes and busts have
been known to exceed $1 Million dollars in lost assets.

Don’t Be Fooled – It is important to note that these plastic trays are the sole property of the bakery who
purchased and commissioned their production, with ownership usually being indicated by an imprint of
the company’s name or logo. Persons or organizations that are in possession of a plastic tray or crate
that a) bears the imprint of a baker that they are not explicitly affiliated with or b) is not accompanied by
a legal and legitimate proof of sale can be assumed to have stolen these trays. Any reported instance of
“tray sharing” would represent a highly uncommon practice between companies and would need to be
validated in the form of an explicit, written agreement between the two parties.

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